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#3- What it boils down to

I’m a little early with this post, but I already had it written and have received quite a few hits today looking for infertility stuff, so here it is.Happy Reformation Day! First off, let me qualify that recently, I have … Continue reading

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#2-J B, don’t forget rule #6

Jon recently took some management training at work. He had to watch this opening and closing video of Hans Zimmer (a conductor) showing how his technique could be used for management. At this one point of the video (the only … Continue reading

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#1-A better understanding of my state

I am saved by the grace of God, therefore there is nothing else I need. It would be difficult to overemphasize how influential my church has been on my view of God. Briefly, I’ll mention that Jon and I started … Continue reading

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So, here’s the vision

Hi friends and family, Thanks for already subscribing or checking in. It is encouraging and made me want to hop on here today to get my vision for the blogging off the ground. In the “about me” section I listed … Continue reading

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