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Updating the blog and an upset stomach

SidebarMosaicBlogger has set up some new test formats, so if you link to either of these (these were my two favs), my blog looks way fancier than I ever imagined.Thanks blogger for an easy update! Hopefully these become permanent, so … Continue reading

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#3-Everything happens for a…

I have always loved to think of myself as someone who is able to see the good in bad situations. Oftentimes these things can be obvious. Like I can see how my drivers ed. teacher telling me to not creep … Continue reading

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#2-Jonberly part 2: dating and breaking up

Well, well, well. It’s been a little heavy around here (at least on my part), so why don’t we make a little effort to lighten the place up a smidgen? I’ll start by saying that I have a 13 lb … Continue reading

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#2-why God gave me Jon

It’s time for another Jonberly post, but I think there’s a more pressing conversation I need to let you peek in on. After a rather rough weekend, I finally started talking to Jon about my sad eyes. It sometimes takes … Continue reading

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