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#2-Road tripping

9 days and counting. Jon and I are seasoned road trip buddies with families on both coasts and us stuck in the middle somewhere. I may just update the blog one more time before the trip and then will be … Continue reading

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Myth-busting: God doesn’t want us to be parents

What if God is trying to tell us that we should not be parents? I remember the first time I’d verbalized this question, the one that kept haunting me…weeks, months, years. I verbalized it to a friend that didn’t know … Continue reading

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#1-Total depravity-the Good Friday edition

aka. the John Wayne Gacy song There’s this song by a singer/songwriter, Sufjan Stevens where he talks about a serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. Musically, it’s a beautiful song, woodwinds, a sweet melody, but the words are horrifying. John Wayne … Continue reading

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A confession

Sometimes the hardest people for me to love are other Christians. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I’ve never really gravitated toward the typical Christian things…music, movies, politics, world views. I just don’t tow the party line very … Continue reading

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