Eating crab chips

 Class has been postponed for 15 minutes, so instead of sitting around with my classmates completely stressing ourselves out, I decided to pop in here.

My dear friend and sister (in-law) gave me a 30-part birthday gift that included some chips seasoned with Old Bay. I’m near the end of the bag and I’ve lost my craving for them, but I’m always super excited about them at the beginning of the bag.

I have felt like this about much of my life these days. I was super excited to be in this program, super excited to discuss adoption plans starting next year, super excited to start eating my new crazy diet.  I know it’s stress that’s causing me to act this way, but I find the more pressure that is applied to me these days, the less I can handle. I can’t think past what is happening 2 hours from now. I know that’s what stress brings. I read about it in books, talk about it in regard to my future patients, but when it’s happening to me? I would very much like to not feel this way anymore.

I would like to enjoy this process more than I am.
I need to approach these classes more like the crab chips. I love school, almost all parts of it, and am always really excited for my classes to start, but then at about this time of the semester…the excitement turns into midterms, practical examinations, compulsive sugar eating. But by mid-August, this set of classes will be done and I’ll be one step closer to finishing that bag of crab chips.

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2 Responses to Eating crab chips

  1. Mrs C says:

    Kim! I am SO like you in this way!! Ugh, stress reeks havoc! Sorry you're feeling so tired out; Love the analogy though. I will pray for you hun. HUGS xx

  2. Kristine says:

    Know the feeling, do I ever… I have gotten it quite a bit the past couple years especially. Great analogy. Praying for you ((Kim))

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