Jonberly: the other wedding

This should catch you up (it also includes links to my initial two Jonberly pieces for our dating history).

The other wedding! Not ours. But it was an important one. Jon’s sister and her husband were dating right around the same time as us, were engaged around the same time, and were married within 2 weeks of us as well.

Jon’s parents have two children, and I’m sure marrying them off within such a short time period was crazy, but that’s the way it went.

Jon and I returned from our honeymoon in Toronto which was filled with strawberry topped waffles, Tim Horton’s, and lots of walking around a beautiful city. My regret with our honeymoon is that I was not relaxed at all from the wedding. Consequently, I ended up getting really sick about half-way through our honeymoon, and that lasted…well…you’ll see.

Jon and I had moved half-way across the United States 2 weeks before our wedding (I guess I left that part off until now!), he had just taken a new job, we had just gotten married, and now we were driving back across the states to be a part of our loved one’s wedding. 

We arrived at Jon’s parents house as newlyweds. My in-laws are a whole blog full of posts in themselves, but there are a few crucial points to make before proceeding. 1. My in-laws are dear, sincere people 2. my in-laws are very conservative, not in a bad or good way, they just are 3. my in-laws do not have the best guest spaces for 6 1/2 feet-tall men and their new wives.

So we arrive for the wedding, and everything really does run quite smoothly, including my nose. I was still really sick from our honeymoon. I had yellow nonsense pouring out of every hole in my body. We slept in the guest room of my in-laws which included a double bed with a tall foot board. The night before the wedding, Jon was sleeping diagonally on the bed and I fit into a little corner in the top. Me and my tissues, that is.

It’s strange to sleep in your conservative in-laws house as married people when it’s been taboo for you to even be on the same floor with each other alone after hours. While Jon and I were sleeping/trying to sleep that night, I just kept having to reassure myself that it was “OK” to be there. Also, let me state that there was no, I repeat no crazy, new-married stuff happening. Did I mention I was really sick? I was. Believe that.

Anyway, the next day was the wedding and it was a beautiful, tear-jerker-y kind of event. I was so grateful for that because then everyone would just think I was crying while I continued to wipe my orifices throughout the entire service!

That night, we climbed into bed once again. Jon was assuming his diagonal and I was pulling into my fetal position when all of a sudden, the foot board comes crashing down.

Waking up your new mother-in-law to come assist you in fixing your bed the night after her daughter got married, while your nose is pouring out yellow nonsense, and you realize she thinks you broke the bed in other ways can be… you get it.

Happy 7 years, Deb and Rod.

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4 Responses to Jonberly: the other wedding

  1. Karen says:

    Loving the Jonberly story Kim!

  2. Tina says:

    Hahaha, that is so funny and horrifying at the same time. That is such a cute story. 🙂

  3. Anthea says:

    This is only the beginning of amazing Kim and Jon sleeping as/hosting guests stories… 😉

  4. Esther says:

    Lol! You have the best stories! 😛 Pretty sure I would have died of embarrassment, regardless of how conservative the in-laws were!WV: winabion

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