What I feel, what I believe

I tend to talk a lot about my feelings on here. Perhaps you’ve noticed.
It’s intentional.
Here are a couple of assumptions I make toward life and why I choose to write the way that I do:

  1. A very wise friend said to me once “try to approach everyone as though they are hurting.” The more time that passes in my life, the more I see this is true.
  2. I am a woman and the vast majority of you out there are too. Women are relational. Women are more emotional. This is how we are designed, and this is how we relate to each other.
  3. I desire to live my Christian life as transparently as possible. If I am living without clear conviction, clear struggle, then I feel like I am not adequately portraying what Christ is doing in my life. If everything is always perfect, then what is my story to tell of God’s consistent, redeeming work in my life?

But those are all feelings based. How do we address what I believe? Here are the assumptions I come into writing with that I believe:

  1. I don’t do “good” of my own volititon.
  2. I will always continue to struggle with jealousy, anger, sadness, but I can continue to change how I cope with those feelings. I can continue to work on how I react in those situations. 
  3. And most importantly…I believe that this life is more beautiful than any life I could have imagined for myself. 

Does that mean that I can always discern my beliefs from my feelings? No.
Does that mean that I am ungrateful for the beautiful things in my life? (sometimes I’m sure I take them for granted, but…) No.
Does that mean that just because I’m going through a hard time, that Christ is not working? No.

I guess my point with this post is that no matter where you are, what your struggle is…
we all know how we should react, we all know how we should be, we all know what we believe, but what I wish the most for us women especially is that we’d have the strength with each other to say “but today I don’t feel like it, please pray for me.”

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2 Responses to What I feel, what I believe

  1. Mrs C says:

    YES! I'm so there with you Kim! be real no matter what, ultimately you'll feel better, you'll show Christ in humility, people can reach you to help in prayer and encouragment when they know you need it and you can effect someone elses life by telling the truth of how it hurts but there's no shame – I know for me, hearing someone else struggles with something i felt guilty for struggling with was freeing for me. Love ya girl, keep it up, you're a strong, humble, talented, god-fearing woman… I respect your honesty and value your posts xxx

  2. Ohhh – I *love* Belief#3! That IS hope. Many people (including myself, often) live in denial or forget we have hope. But in your honesty, Kim, even the dark moments ring of hope. I don't know, like the base line in a piece of music or something? Anyway, without hope the world is a dour place indeed.

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