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The return of Jonberly: wedding edition

Here is part 1 and part 2 for your catching up pleasure. It’s taken me a while to decide where to go next, but since our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, how about we look at that for a bit? We … Continue reading

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How to have a rough week, Kim style:

make a hugely unsuccessful meal on Sunday night take a 25 minute practical examination with a professor you’ve never met who is judging your worthiness of staying in your program of study  spend the rest of Monday freaking out remain … Continue reading

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My rebellion

If there’s one thing that growing up under the influence of my parents and grandparents has taught me, it’s to eat everything you are given, without question. My grandpa used to always say “you don’t know what’s good!” if anyone … Continue reading

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I’m posting over on Held today!

The above is not a link. I may not be writing too much about infertility and miscarriage on here these days, but I found a loophole! I can post up on other blogs! I am honored to be sharing a … Continue reading

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