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Kosher salt

1. I’m writing this on my phone, so please forgive the worse-than-normal casualness of this post.2. I just got a box of Kosher salt. Does anyone have any good tips for use? I bought it because a couple of my … Continue reading

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See? this is why I have you guys around

****Please note-the vote is located in the right-hand margin of my blog****New Mumford and Sons additions! (thanks to my two comments on the previous posts!). Voting is open until Friday night! I really want you to come over and vote … Continue reading

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Enlisting your help

Hop on over to my blog and vote! Jon refers to my OT program as “the feel-goodery” and this post will do nothing to disuage that assertion. Anyway, I have to choose a song that I feel defines me, my … Continue reading

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Jonberly: in sickness and in screaming

At this point, I think I have two installments left. Follow all the links in the Jonberly tab to catch up. Briefly, we’ve established that Jon is having “night episodes” with strange talking, walking. It’s also probably important to point … Continue reading

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