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Thankful-new challenges, opportunities (21-30)

This week has been full of all new conversations, new opportunities, new weighing of options. To be honest with you, it has been exciting for me to see my husband start to show genuine interest in life again. I pray … Continue reading

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Still thankful-week off edition (11-20)

This week has been completely out of the ordinary. It started with a visit from one of my oldest friends, and it ended with another friend we haven’t seen in almost eight years. There were banquets, meetings with new characters … Continue reading

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Strangers in my home (thankfulness series 1-10)

Carrie, Erika, various other bloggers I love do thankfulness posts on Friday, and since I’m grasping at straws to have regular posts these days, let’s at least try this for a bit. This week I’m thankful for: 1. Two complete … Continue reading

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