Maybe if I blog, I won’t fall asleep

All of my blog posts sound so “dear diary” to me lately. And while I’ve largely abandoned any sort of academic or educational aspirations on the blog, I don’t want it to simply be “today I got the mail!” either.

One of my 3 favorite sister in-laws requested an update. Image

The facts: I think my belly is growing by the minute, I’m super into chocolate cake with chocolate frosting right now, work is becoming much harder (see: large belly), I’m planning to work another full 4 weeks after this week ends, the baby’s room is coming along, he’s still measuring right on target (or at least he was two weeks ago), we do *probably* have a name, but I’m not caving on it until he’s here in case I want to change my mind, I’m tired…whatever, it’s fine, I roam about the house a few times during the night just trying to feel tired enough to go back to sleep but then I’m tired during the day, I have a cold…again, it’s fine. I’ll live. I’m sore, really sore. Moving is a challenge. I’ve re-read this paragraph about 15 times and have found incorrect words in it each time. So, yeah…tired.

I had my first dream about holding Bean last night. It was strange, as dreams are. There was this bus of college-aged male athletes all passing him around in like a 15 passenger van and I went in through the side door (like you do in a 15 passenger van) and asked to hold him. They were all really nice and handed him right over. He was wearing red (like the other athletes) and just a little guy and I remember holding him and not believing it. He had brown eyes and brown hair (which I highly doubt will be the case) and then I started to feel things…emotions, dream emotions. It was really nice. Weird and highly inaccurate, I’m sure. But now you know how I’ve dreamt about holding my son for the first time? Eh, well…we’ll see if I leave that paragraph in.

I think we’ve largely moved through the more public “I can’t believe this is still happening stage” but at home, we still say it a lot. Multiple times a day.

Things specific to the baby at this point: my pregnancy calculator says he’s the size of a pineapple and around 4 lbs (!). He moves more in the morning (usually) and sometimes still wakes me up. I feel him most on a diagonal (my upper right side and lower left). I love it when he gets the hiccups. So far, most foods have been ok for him, and he hasn’t protested anything too much. He can get some really nice kicks in but for whatever reason, he’s not uncomfortable in his movements too much yet.

Maybe I’ll get some pictures up this weekend. One of the social workers I work with saw me at the beginning and end of the day today and said “you’ve grown just today!”, so yeah…it’s all happening.

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One Response to Maybe if I blog, I won’t fall asleep

  1. Rebecca says:

    Good to hear from you :). I love the paragraph about holding your son for the first time – I wonder if some day he’ll be jumping off a 15 passenger van after winning a big game into your arms? That would be kinda cool, huh?

    So glad this is all happening for you, would love to see photos, and can’t wait to meet your Bean!

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