50 years

I talked to my mom last night and she declared “if your father hasn’t gotten over this cold, I’m calling it all off at 2:15 on Friday.”

“That’s it?” I declared. “We’re just running right up to 50 years and then calling it good, huh?”

“Yep” she said. (In her defense, my dad has been fighting this cold now for 3-4 weeks and he’s not a super fun sick person-like the rest of us).


Those of you who don’t know my Facebook presence (ie, don’t know me in real life) are probably not aware that my parents are–this very week–going to celebrate 50 years of marriage on March 21st at approximately 2:15 PM in the afternoon.

The newspaper ad I filled out to celebrate this with them wanted all the stats:

Where were they married? Sunnyland, IL (it’s a place, for reals-sort of)

How many children? 3, all married, with 6-7 grandchildren (if my son would get his act together)

How are they celebrating? Well, that’s mostly on me and this little squirmy wormy, but maybe at home, maybe up here in Chicagoland, maybe somewhere in between, maybe-and most likely- for a good few days around the actual anniversary as well.

The stats are nice, but I can’t help but see how those stats tell just a piece of a 50-year time span. My parents were not even yet 20 when they were married. They grew up together, they’ve seen each other at their very worst and their very best. They had two boys early on and experienced “young parenting” and then 12 years later experienced parenting of a completely different sort with me.

They’ve seen each other through losses, joys, disappointments, and what I will say is that while we as children are often privy to the intimacy of our parent’s relationships that only we could be…they have always shown a level of commitment that has only grown over these 32 years that I’ve been able to witness it.

It is a joy to celebrate this week with them and marvel at what 50 years can look like in practice.

It may just be 50 years to the minute, unless Dad can sack this cold, but we will find reason to celebrate regardless.


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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