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My Facebook Movie

So, in celebration of FB’s 10 year anniversary, they have created (an algorithm) a personal movie for everyone! Curiously, I checked mine out last night. I have been on FB for almost 7 of those 10 years at varying degrees … Continue reading

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please don’t tell my story

12 days before we were to start our first foster parenting classes, I had a nudge. A nudge I couldn’t move out of my brain. I did some calculations, tried to remember some dates, and then a conversation came to … Continue reading

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Infertility That’s how I started writing again 2 years ago. I started writing because I was broken, because I saw my insignificance in the biggest, ugliest way possible. If I couldn’t create life, than what good was I? I wanted…no. … Continue reading

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Still thankful-week off edition (11-20)

This week has been completely out of the ordinary. It started with a visit from one of my oldest friends, and it ended with another friend we haven’t seen in almost eight years. There were banquets, meetings with new characters … Continue reading

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